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Hello. My name is Marion, and I'm from Norway. I started using deviantart on a active basis pretty recently, but so far I'm enjoying it. I really love cosplay, it's a huge passion of mine. So far I have done a few cosplays, and still plan on doing more. c:

-I'm 160 cm.
-I have blue eyes, and big, brown hair.
-I love cats.
-I know 3 languages.
-I don't care about genders.
-I don't walk on manholes.
-My favourite food ever is pie.
-I don't eat fish.
-I only recently learned how to walk down escalators.

Current Residence: Norway Oslo
Favourite genre of music: Rock Jpop


Silica by Tanzoir

ALfheim Online

SILICA! With new ears! But sadly no Pina.. She's such a big project I can't justify making her just yet. But one day..! 
Anyways! Me and Katrix found this awesome place really close to where I live. It's basically a gardening school, and they have this big field with all sorts of trees, including apple trees. And they were blooming <3

I actually kinda wanted to wait with this photo, but I love it so much I just really wanted to show it off right away! >< I feel like I managed to capture Silica's personality a bit. And thanks to Katrix for making me look decent even while running like a derp.

Photographer: Katrix Media Site
MUA/Model/Costume: Tanzoir
Series: Sword Art Online! (Season 2)
Character: Silica

Nanami by Tanzoir
"Just because I wanted a home, I almost destroyed someone else's home." - Nanami

In the anime, there is this episode where Nanami runs after messing up some stuff here and there. She writes "air" on a talisman, and sticks it to her forehead, so nobody can find her. I cried a bit when I watched this. I feel so strongly for Nanami, and how she's so different from most heroines. Instead of wanting to be found by her love interest, she hides, and doesn't come out again until she's ready. With new strength! 

Photographer: Katrix Media Site
MUA/Model/Costume: Tanzoir
Series: Kamisama Hajimemashita
Character: Momozono Nanami
Noragami by Tanzoir

"No matter what happens, I'll call your name without fail."

I love Hiyori. Bigtime. She's so funny, cute and innocent, yet strong! If you haven't watched Noragami yet, I reccommend you do! It's only 12 episodes, and one of my favourites! ^^

Photographer: Katrix Media Site
MUA/Model/Costume: Tanzoir
Series: Noragami
Character: Iki Hiyori

Iki Hiyori by Tanzoir
Iki Hiyori

This costume was very cheap and easy to make! I bought 4 meters of fabric for 200 yen pr meter while in Japan, I had white fabric and I had black ribbons. The wig is actually one I got from EZCosplay Costumesafter winning one of their contests. So all in all, supercheap! And quite easy to make. A pleated skirt, a standard shirt (not even a zip in it!) and the collar. The sailor collar was the biggest challenge, as it was my first time, but google is filled with amazing tips and tutorials! <3

Photo and edits: Katrix Media Site
MUA/Model/Costume: Tanzoir
Series: Noragami
Character: Iki Hiyori

Nurse Joy by Tanzoir
Nurse Joy

First peak on NURSE JOY!!!!

Yesterday I went to TG, a huge LAN in Hamar, Norway. I figured I wanted to give Nurse Joy a test run. And! I think it worked well! I'm not happy with my hat, so I'm working on a 2nd one, but this one does it for now! Anyway, super happpy I'm finally able to show you what it looks like ^-^

Photographer: Katrix Media Site
MUA/Model/Costume: Tanzoir
Series: Pokèmon
Character: Nurse Joy

Yep! On monday I'm leaving for Australia! And this time I don't have a return ticket to Norway. ;) Working Holiday here I come! <3

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